The beginning of January really isn’t the best time to be working outdoors to finish a pipe shelf that you’ve been dying to complete since you moved in. But here it is, our pipe shelf in all its glory!

Most of the directions can be found at the Brick House – the hardest part was measuring everything and figuring out exactly which pipes we needed to buy. And then going back to Home Depot over and over again because we needed different ones. The second hardest part was probably cleaning the pipes because the manufacturers insist that each pipe piece be stickered with extra-glue. And then the sticker is taped over with a big fat piece of super-sticky tape. Ughhh… thank goodness for Goo Be Gone. 

If you want to do this, you probably want a warmer day than below 30-degree weather (when Rob was spraypainting pipes). You also want to make a diagram and figure things out BEFORE going to Home Depot, so you know what you need when you get there. Although Morgan says to drill holes before you stain, I would recommend doing it afterwards (lessens the risk you or your pipes might be off). Also, matte black spraypaint looks pretty badass on these pipes.

Some of the stuff you see…